Our Team

Our Team

Meet Our Professional Team

As the CEO of PPFD, I lead our team in keeping our family legacy alive while driving our company forward. With PPFD being a family-owned business for almost 40 years, it’s a testament to our commitment to excellence and tradition. With over three decades of experience in the industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. What drives me? It’s the satisfaction of helping our clients succeed and grow.

Let’s achieve greatness together!

Gilbert Kee

Company CEO

As the COO of PPFD, I’m responsible for ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations of our company. With over two decades of experience in the industry, I bring a deep understanding of logistics and distribution to the team.

What keeps me motivated? It’s the challenge of optimizing processes and seeing the tangible impact on our clients’ success.

Aaron Kee


In my role as VP Business Development at PPFD, I’m focused on fostering strategic partnerships and driving growth opportunities. With over two decades of experience in the industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge in identifying market trends and expanding our client base. What motivates me?

It’s the opportunity to forge meaningful connections and create value for our partners and customers, every step of the way.

Sean Kee

VP Business Development

As the Warehouse Manager at PPFD, I oversee the seamless operations of our facilities, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in all aspects of warehousing. With over a decade of experience in the industry, I bring expertise in logistics and inventory management, ensuring optimal performance and client satisfaction.

What drives me is the opportunity to continuously improve processes and exceed expectations, contributing to the success of our team and the satisfaction of our clients.

Jordan Perna

Warehouse Manager

As a seasoned professional in warehousing and distribution at PPFD, I carry forward our family’s legacy while ensuring exceptional operational performance. With over 20 years of practical experience, I bring deep expertise to every project, whether it’s streamlining warehouse operations or building strong client relationships.

My focus is on creating effective solutions that add value and deliver success to our business. Let’s work together to transform challenges into opportunities and reach new heights!

Josh Perna

Business Process Analyst

Our Values

On-Time Delivery, Guaranteed


Our team approaches every task with unwavering passion, ensuring excellence in every aspect of our warehousing and distribution services.


At PPFD, we foster a strong sense of community among our employees, clients, and partners, creating a supportive network that propels us forward together.


Our commitment to delivering exceptional service is the cornerstone of PPFD, driving us to exceed expectations and build lasting relationships with our customers.


Embracing continuous improvement and innovation, PPFD is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of our team, clients, and business operations.


Integrity lies at the heart of PPFD values, guiding our transparent and honest interactions with clients, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Team Work

Through seamless collaboration and effective communication, the team at PPFD harnesses the power of teamwork to overcome challenges and achieve shared goals efficiently.

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